Top seven reasons Why Your Adsense Account is not approved

Every one dream to start a blog and apply for adsense to make some real money.But There is a Huge delay in the confirmation and approval time of the adsense account.This post is to point you to the top 10 reason why your adsense account is not approved.I have been able to point out this reason because i have tried more than 7 times and got approval in 8 th time.This post give a clear cut explanation why your adsense account is not appoved

1. No meta tags, say no to adsense.

WordPress or blogger doesnt automatically provide you meta tags,meta tags are the most important for your site.They determine how your site appears in the seach engines, social sharing medias like facebook, twitter, google plus(not sure it is still alive).To make meta tags for facebook you need to read their documentation on their site and manually make them.Since it is a time consuming process, i made a simple tool(it is available only for few days).If you have interest, you can use this  tool to make good quality meta tags for your site.It has its own unique feature, it can make meta tags for facebook ,google plus,twitter.

Chapter 1.

2. JavaScript Based Themes? say a BIG NO

If you are using wordpress, you can find a lots more themes in their store.Trust me the themes with basic designs are best for search engine optimization.A Facebook user named  Abdur Rehman  messaged me that his blog is not approved by adsense, i got a a look on to his site with a javascript disabled browser, and i could only see his 4 posts, beacause the theme is made that way.Remember that the javascript content is not visible to the search engine bots, so you need to switch to basic themes for the proper indexing.


3. Less Number of Posts

This could be clearly explained with this scenario.Lets consider you have 1000 bucks, a person named X ask you to lend him 200 bucks so he could pay afterwards with some interest rate(assume 1 percent). You also know that the person X doesnt work, earn and he is unable to repay your money.Will you lend that money or not.

Thats the exact scenario here, daily thousands of adsense accounts are applied and they are reviewing it. If your blog has only less number of posts, you have less chance of getting approved.You have started your brand new blog, consider making up to 35 posts before applying for adsense (trust me this method has worked, and i got adsense approval in 15 hours after applying)


4. Less Backlinks to your blog

In certain scenarios google also check for backlinks to your blog.If you are a noobie blogger you will have a thought in your mind “what the heck is backlink, never heard about that crap before”. So let me explain before i get in to deep.A backlink is a link to your blog/site or even a blog post from another site.Backlinks improve your search engine ranking, they also even drive visitors to your site.

Backlinks can be obtained by following ways

  1. guest posting on famous blogs(“this is the better method in this list, rest may or may not work”)
  2. commenting on famous blogs with your blog link
  3. Posting on facebook with help of a bot.I have a link of trusted bot, just see if it works for you
  4. Posting on a facebook page, google counts that too, but not to maximum extent.

How to find whether my blog has backlinks

  1. just go to
  2. type site:, you will see a list of backlinks, internal links indexed by the google spider, below is the screen shot showing a list of backlinks available for thats my site) links


5. Choosing A Wrong Niche

what the heck is niche?

it is the category of your blog, you wish to post about.Alright lets get to business now with explaining with a small scenario

1.You have just started a blog, you know nothing about blogging or what to write about, you just thought to use your some tech knowledge on that.

2. you kept on posting about tech(like free recharge tips, some trending tech), up to 35 posts and applied for adsense

3.Im sure that your adsense will never have a chance to get approved unless your blog posts are focused on a niche.Though this is a secondary category of rejecting adsense accounts, it doesnt mean that it doesnot need to be worried.Since you are a gifted visitor to my blog i would like to share the niches with high approval rate

  • food niche
  • finance niche

here are the niches with lower appproval rate

  1. tech niche





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